Our Music

We play ceilidh music for all sorts of functions and events, what we play depends on what is required which can be anything from gentle background music to reeling parties.

For weddings we try to mix fast dances with slow ones to cater for a variety of age groups. If we know in advance we can play a requested piece of music and we always do our best to accommodate individual requirements.

We play and call all the most popular ceilidh dances such as the Gay Gordons, Strip the Willow, St Bernards Waltz, Dashing White Sergeant, Military Two Step etc along with some fun dances if desired to get everyone involved.

All in all our aim is to make it as enjoyable as we possibly can and to have everyone taking part.

If you would like a copy of our latest CD "OCH AYE THE NOO" please send a cheque, for £12.50 made payable to CLAPPY DOO, to 9 Fenton Barns Cottages, North Berwick, EH59 5AN and we will send one out to you.

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Click on the play/pause button to start and stop each track in the audio player.

  • Britannia Two Step

    A very easy,fun, round the room dance


  • Eve Three Step

    This is a popular dance at both at ceilidhs and old thyme dances


  • Gay Gordons

    An all time classic, good to begin an evening with as it is very easy and well known


  • Strip the Willow

    A very popular dance at ceilidhs, done in sets of four couples


  • Dashing White Sergant

    One of the most requested dances, danced in sets of six people


  • St Bernard's Waltz

    A nice gentle dance, good for getting your breath back between faster dances



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